Is Cause Related Marketing Good For Your Restaurant?

Veterans Day has come and gone for 2013. Many restaurants have taken that day to honor our veterans for their service to our country. That is great way to show your appreciation for their service to us as a nation.

I happened to visit a local restaurant on Veterans Day that had been saying their business has been soft and they are considering cutting back on marketing expenses to reduce cost. I can understand their concern as they try to rationalize what they are spending money on and its effectiveness. On that particular day, they chose to honor our Veterans with a free meal. The restaurant was packed for lunch. Every table that had a veteran at it also had several others many of whom were not veterans. In fact the table I was at was the only one with a party of two. All other parties were, four, six or more. restaurant marketing

Obviously, this cause related marketing effort drove in traffic, raised check averages and got their restaurant great exposure on a Monday in November. The event was promoted on social media and in an email marketing message to their current subscribers.

Cause related marketing does drive business and can be profitable for restaurants .A recent study showed that 89% of consumers will switch brands to one associated with a cause, given a comparable price. For a restaurant to really make it work for them, they must use this opportunity to promote their community involvement and build a customer database for effective communications all year long. Today’s technology enables all of this to happen and provide a great ROI for the restaurant.

As you begin to think of your marketing plans for 2104, Cause related marketing is something to be considered. When all is considered, this marketing technique can build traffic, drive check averages higher and have customers coming back all year long. To learn more about how this marketing technique can help your business, feel free to download this whitepaper on Loyalty Programs and Cause Related Marketing.

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