Are You Spending Too Much on Restaurant Marketing?

Over the past few weeks I have visited with many restaurant owners to discuss what their restaurant marketing programs are and the results they are getting. Some are doing great while others need help in building the business with effective marketing programs.

Throughout my conversations, it became apparent that many restaurants are overspending on programs. One particular restaurant in New England had spent three times as much for takeout menus when compared to what the industry average is. Another restaurant was using three different services for internet visibility programs which delivered the same services.strategy

Is it worth looking into? A recent conversation with a restaurant owner on the west coast found that he was spending roughly $1500 per month for assorted marketing service. The programs were good, but the same programs could be consolidated with a single provider and net him a savings of $800 per month. Over the course of a year, that’s close to $10,000 to the bottom line.

Are you spending too much? How would you know? Unless you ask questions to seek out advice you won’t know for sure. My challenge to you is to ask and learn. You may find a way to save money and get programs that may be more impactful to driving your business.

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