Restaurants Have the Power to Change Lives!

Restaurant’s Changing Lives! That’s a powerful statement.

Recently I was in Philadelphia and had lunch at a Maggiano’s Restaurant. When the waiter put down the menu, there was an additional menu in which a percentage of the proceeds were donated to the Make a Wish Foundation. Make A WishA great program to help those in need.

Taking a step back, I thought about all of the various activities that the restaurant community is involved in. No Kid Hungry, Breast Cancer Research, Make a Wish, National Kidney Walks, Dollars for Scholars and many others. These activities create awareness which is one of the major goals of each of these groups. Early prevention and detection can save lives. Generating funds for education scholarships, changes lives. Restaurants can be a vehicle of change.

While there are critics who say that brands are jumping on the bandwagon to generate an economic impact, I take the other side of the story. If creating awareness leads to just one person finding help then that is a positive outcome.  Restaurants can have the power to change lives forever.

Is cause related marketing good for a restaurants business? Statistics show that 89% of consumer’s will support a brand that is Breast Cancer Awareassociated with a cause they believe in if all things are equal.  Every restaurant owner I have spoken with participates in some kind of community activity. The majority of their business comes from a five mile radius of their restaurant; they must be a visible member of their community. Participating in local causes such as the little league, church programs are all second nature.  It’s good for the community and it’s good for business.

Changing lives is something you can’t put a price tag on, but if your involvement in some kind of program helps members of your community, you had an impact. Many organizations are now planning fall activities. Take part, and help change lives!

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