Building Your Restaurant Customers For 2020

Yes 2020! The holiday season for 2019 is upon us now and it enables you to set your restaurant marketing plans for 2020 in motion. Action now will help build your business for next year.

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In the restaurant world it all starts with great food and service. Chances are your customers traffic will increase by twenty five percent over the next forty five days. This time of year it is critical that your front of house and back of house teams are at the top of their game. The guest counts in the restaurant are not the only source of business. I’m sure your catering plan will deliver results giving your restaurant exposure to even more people. The last thing you want are unhappy guest and bad reviews on social media.

Once the guest are in the restaurant, you servers take the spotlight in executing your 2020 plan. From gift card sales to bounce back programs such as Red Envelope, the servers put the wheels in motion. Have you developed these programs and trained them to implement them. It’s not to late and these programs can be put in place to deliver results for this year and next.

Another tactic to build your 2020 business now is through building your customer database. We have found that implementing a WIFI marketing strategy that collects email addresses and triggers a loyalty program to bring back customers throughout the year.

Last but not least is your restaurant itself. Consumers do take notice of a clean facility. Many customers reviews that we see mention dirty bathrooms. Make sure that yours is not one of them.

Yes, now is the time to execute against a busy holiday season, but also lay the groundwork in helping your restaurant reach its potential for the year ahead. Set the vision, develop the plan, and lead the team. You have a busy 45 days ahead.

At CORE Restaurant Marketing, we have helped many restaurants design and execute business strategies that achieve positive results. Our mission is simple, how can we help restaurants succeed. The services we offer and the experts we utilize have generated proven results for restaurants of all types. Contact us at for more information or to schedule a time to speak with one of our restaurant marketing coaches.

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