Customer Expectations for Your Restaurant

What Do Your Customers Want?

Over the next 45 days, most of the states will have started their reopen plans. It will be an interesting time frame to see what works and what does not. One thing we know is true, the consumer is in control of what happens, but the restaurants will set the table.

Setting the Table

The restaurant consumer will be making their decisions based on when they have a comfort level to go back out to restaurants. Setting the table is about building trust with your customer. Consumers are concerned about safety. The restaurant community needs to deliver on that promise. Proper distancing is mandatory, we know that and it will be evident. What the consumer does not see is what will be going on behind the scenes to create the safe environment. This will prove to be a greater challenge for restaurants. The execution of best practices for your customers’ safety needs to be transparent. They need to see it in action from the front door to the kitchen. In server behavior to curbside pickup and delivery, your customers want to trust your restaurant. Building trust is critical and it can differentiate your restaurant from all the others.

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Building Trust

There are many ways to build trust and in this day of technology social media gives you some of the tools to do so. A picture says a thousand words and a video says even more. Why not show a brief video of the cleanliness of your kitchen and the way the food is prepared with care? Another way utilizes the best packaging you can with your curbside and delivery orders. From the moment a customer walks in your restaurant or takes delivery of a meal they can see that precautions are made to ensure their safety. This activity will build confidence as the restaurant opens up.

Who Is Your Customer?

Consumer surveys show the willingness of consumers to venture back into restaurants by age groups. Generation Z and Millennials are going to be the first to venture back but be cautious about it. They are also the age groups that utilize technology to place takeout orders and view social media. While your current customers may not be in those age groups, it is always a good idea to attract new customers to your restaurant. Yes, today is about cash flow, but it also is about being here in the future. Do you really know who your customer is and how to market to them?

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