March Madness For Restaurant Marketing

It’s that time of year again. One the largest sporting events that will span several weeks. From Mid-March into early April many restaurant customers will be captivated by college basketball. It’s become one of the most talked about events in the country. College basketball NCAA March Madness!

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So, what does this have to do with restaurants? For many restaurants it has no impact at all. For many restaurants it becomes one of the best marketing events of the year. Regardless of where you stand, your customers are in the know about what is happening.

Great news, but how can this event help me grow my business! Sunday March 17th kicks off the event with selection Sunday.  With the start of the event, there are multiple ways to market your restaurant and draw traffic. Here are just some of the examples: 

  • Selection Sunday Watch Party March 17 – Wow, Selection Sunday and St Patrick’s Day!
  • First Weekend – Focus your specials around a basketball theme. Specials on drinks and Online ordering specials. Bracket themed events.
  • Regional Events – Alumni Parties at your restaurant to drive traffic
  • Final Championship – Online ordering specials for this game on a Monday night

If your restaurant is in one of the host cities, the opportunities are even greater for activities with people attending from various cities. It can be a big marketing win!

March Madness is just one example of the promotional opportunities that are built into and annual planner of events for the year. Creating a marketing calendar built around events such as this can bring you a 10% increase in sales if executed properly to learn more about annual and quarterly planning for your restaurant contact us to receive your annual restaurant promotional planning guide.

At CORE Restaurant Marketing, we have helped many restaurants design and execute a business strategy. Our mission is simple, how can we help restaurants succeed. Our services we offer and the experts we utilize have generated proven results for restaurants of all types. Contact us at for more information or schedule a time to speak with one of our restaurant marketing coaches.

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