Is Sports Marketing Good for Restaurants?

Football season is in full swing with High School, College and NFL Football every weekend. Does this help or hurt your restaurant?

Yesterday, I went to a college football game that had over 100,000 people at the game. The tailgate lot was full, the concession stands were busy, and people were having fun. It was definitely an feasting event. Many restaurants would complain and say this killed their business that day. It’s possible that it could be true.

It’s also possible that this day can be a great opportunity to increase your sales. Consider the possibilities of increasing your takeout or catering sales with special game day packages. Another opportunity exists with dine in sales to get people to come in and watch the games with friends. Many of our clients have put into place steps such as this to make the best of a sales event. After a few weeks of data, the results are clear and the data shows growth not only in sales, but with growing their database with online ordering.

Take a look at the calendar and see what what is on the horizon:

  • College Bowl GamesRestaurant Marketing
  • NFL Playoffs
  • Super Bowl
  • NCAA Basketball
  • NASCAR Racing
  • NHL Hockey
  • NBA Basketball
  • Local Sporting Events

To make these events work for you requires planning and execution but they can deliver results for your business. Last minute programs do not deliver the potential these opportunities can offer your business.

As you work on your plans, for 2017, don’t overlook the potential of Sports Marketing for restaurants. These should be part of your annual plan in driving revenue along with growing restaurant traffic, cause related marketing, catering and loyalty programs.

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