Fear Of The Unknown For Restaurants

Every day when I look at the news, all I see is how the COVID -19 virus is having a second wave. State governments are reacting, consumers are worried and it may appear that a lockdown is looming. For myself, our state travel restrictions have cancelled our family Thanksgiving gathering. I’m sure this is happening to many others.

My conversations last week with restaurant owners was different. I sensed a bit of fear. Fear of the unknown caused by the government actions that could happen. As we move into what is normally the busiest time of the year, this fear is understandable.

Taking control over your fears is an important leadership skill for you and your employees. Yes, they sense it also. But how do you take on your fears? There are many books and articles out there, but the common thread is to take action over your fears.

You have been in this place before and survived. The situation is a bit different now as the cold weather is approaching and outside dining may not be possible. Think of what is possible! Some restaurants adapted to online ordering. Many perfected curbside pickup while others improved packaging. But you need more now to get through the winter knowing that a vaccine is on the way. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Menu Marketing

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The biggest opportunity I see is in marketing your menu. So many restaurants rely on third party delivery but take no steps to market their own menu. Take a look at your social media postings or email marketing. Do consumers know you have online ordering? Are you driving them to your website? What revenue impact would it converting DoorDash customers to order from you? How much in fees do you pay third party companies? The ROI is there, why not go after it now. The benefits are both short and long term. Here is a link to our menu marketing calculator, try it, it will surprise you. Let’s talk and figure it out together.

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