Does your restaurant have a strategy to build customer traffic?

Where has the customer traffic gone?

In recent meetings with clients, the focus has really shifted on how do we build customer traffic counts.  The NRA data confirms that customer traffic counts have been declining steadily for several years. Restaurant sales have shown minor increases largely due to price increases. The question still remains the same, where have the customers gone?

Restaurant Sales Trends

Restaurant Sales Trends

Here are some of the potential reasons to answer that question.

  1. Reductions in discretionary income have limited dining out occasions.
  2. Increased competition. Fast casual restaurants are seeing customer traffic growth.
  3. Changing food trends. Is your menu meeting your customer’s desires?
  4. Is your restaurant marketing effective in driving traffic?
  5. What is your restaurant’s brand reputation?

Once you have identified the business issues surrounding the decline in customer traffic, it’s time to develop a strategy that will increase your traffic counts. That strategy session will identify potential opportunities as well as roadblocks to success. As you know, changes in technology have enabled new marketing techniques that present many opportunities to reach the goal of increasing traffic.

Strategy development and implementation is a tall order for many restaurant owners who are do not have the time to focus on that art of the business. In many situations it might be the best solution to look to a marketing consultant who can assist in driving your business goals while you focus on what you do best.

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