Embrace the Restaurant Struggle

Menu Marketing

The struggle is real for restaurants; you know that. Each day brings new developments in the COVID battle. State governments are controlling your ability to conduct business. Consumers are becoming more cautious in their actions. The media is sounding the alarms. What’s more, as winter approaches outdoor dining is coming to a halt, while restrictions are still in place for restaurant indoor dining.

How do you react? If you have been paying attention to the trade articles, you know that online ordering is your best hope right now. I’m sure your pickup business has increased. Now is the time to market your menu effectively. Here are some tips to marketing your menu in our free eBook

Recently Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks, was interviewed on television. His outlook for Starbucks’ future predicts a growth rate of 20 percent into 2021 as several factors hit the market. The COVID vaccine is nearing approval and states are preparing for distribution. As the vaccine is distributed, seating capacity will improve in restaurants. The biggest factor he sees, however, is the pent-up consumer demand to go out and enjoy life, which includes eating in restaurants.

What does this mean for the average independent restaurant? To me, it suggests that you need to hang in there. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know this is very difficult to many of you now, but it is time to embrace the struggle. Marketing your menu online and the use of online ordering are not going away at all. They are your best hope to make it through the next six months. Have you been marketing your menu effectively? Most restaurants are not. If you would like to speak about effective menu marketing techniques and get an evaluation of what you are currently doing, contact us and schedule a time to speak. The information you will gain may be what you need to make it through the next six months.

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