5 Menu Marketing Strategies for 2019

Effective Menu Marketing In 2019 

A new year, new challenges to growing your restaurant business. One thing does remain constant, your menu is something every customer sees when they visit your restaurant. Have you ever thought of the many ways in which your menu can touch customers? In this blog we will look at menu design.

In this blog we will talk briefly about menu design.

Menu Design

Last week I had a conversation with the owner of a multi-unit restaurant group. He had not updated his menu in a year and changes were due. The impact of inflation over the past year alone was well over six figures for this small chain. Our conversation shifted to how menu design can impact profits well above just price changes. I told the owner of another restaurant we had worked who wanted to raise their prices by five percent to keep up with food and labor inflation. After implementing menu design changes which were driven by a menu engineering analysis, we were able to raise his check averages by twenty three percent. In many ways this menu design project delivered results that exceeded the customers’ expectations. Effective menu design driven by a menu engineering analysis can drive additional revenues from your menu. Over the course of a year, these tactics will touch every customer who looks at your menu.

CORE Restaurant Management Training Program

Free Menu Marketing Review

To learn more about how menu design can be part of your menu marketing strategy in 2019. Take advantage of our FREE MENU MARKETING strategy session. In this session we will review the following aspects of a menu marketing strategy:

  1. Menu Design
  2. Takeout Menu Strategies
  3. Social Media Menu Marketing
  4. Growing Your Catering Business
  5. Using Your Website to Drive Sales

At Core Restaurant Marketing, our goals are simple, how can we help your restaurant do better and make your life easier. Running restaurants is hard work every day. Our job is to bring you the best strategies and tactics to help you win. For more information, visit our website or contact us at 888-890-9492 x 1.

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