Increasing Sales and Bottom Line Profitability

The Challenge

After transitioning from a traditional Brazilian restaurant to an upscale Brazilian steakhouse, this Massachusetts restaurant needed to inform its customer base that a new and better dining experience was available. At the same time, the restaurant needed to ensure that the increased labor and food costs resulting from the transition to a steakhouse did not impact overall profitability.

Our Approach

CORE worked with the restaurant to develop marketing programs to drive customer traffic and increase sales. CORE then conducted a profit and loss review which indicated labor and food costs were exceeding prime cost management goals. Labor management strategies, such as staff scheduling and server training, and food inventory management strategies were put in place by CORE to increase bottom line profitability. 

The Results

The various marketing programs drove a 25 percent increase in sales in a 12 month period. In addition, the labor and food management strategies are on target to deliver more than $80,000 in profits to the restaurant’s bottom line in the first 12 months.