Marketing Your Restaurant Menu

Have you ever been driving home from a weekend away and looking for a place to eat by searching the internet for a restaurant menu?

This past weekend, my wife and I were away and looking for a place to eat while driving home. I had heard of a new restaurant that I had wanted to try so I had asked my wife to search the internet for the restaurant to see what they had on the menu. Utilizing mobile technology here is what she found:

  1. The did not have a website for us to see the menu or even f they were even open on a Sunday night.
  2. The Yelp page had not been claimed by the restaurant.  It did have a 4 star rating and the page did say, view their menu on the website which does not exist.
  3. On Facebook, their were post made by the restaurant, but no mention of a menu.

In recent blog post, I have written about the importance of search engine listings and marketing your menu. This restaurant clearly missed the mark. As a new restaurant it is even more important that you are doing things right as you try to grow and build awareness.

My wife and I decided to drive by the restaurant with the intention that we could always go to our backup plan which was five miles away.  We were pleasantly surprised as the restaurant did live up to the four start rating, both the food and service were very good. I did ask the  server about the menu and website and her comment was that they were going to get around to it.

I wonder how many other people have search and decided not to give the restaurant a chance. Something for the restaurant owner to consider.

How CORE Restaurant Marketing Can Help

At CORE Restaurant Marketing, we have helped countless restaurants accurately place their name, address, and phone number on every search engine listing that exists. We use four primary data aggregator’s to make sure that your restaurant is listed on over 800 search engine listings without any errors. With our service, you don’t have to worry about missing out on business because of an inaccurate listing.  Contact us at for more information.

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