5 Steps to Improve Server Productivity in Your Restaurant

With the holidays fast approaching, it is important to assess your restaurant marketing plans for success this season. Your plans may include new menu items, community involvement programs, increasing catering sales, advertising and many more. One area of importance that is often neglected is the role your servers play in the guest experience.

No matter what marketing plan you implement at some point a member of your staff will touch the customer. That moment of customer interaction sets the tone for the perception of your business. It is a defining moment not only for that transaction but for others to come. Your benefit could quite possibly be a 10% increase in check averages.

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Improve server productivity at your restaurant

How can your servers increase sales for you this holiday season? Listed below are five ways they can have an impact on your business not only for the holidays but into the new year as well.

  1. Greeting and welcoming your customers. During the hustle and bustle of the holidays season, consumers want to feel welcome. Your servers are often the first person they see when they enter your restaurant. Make sure your servers use the proper techniques to welcome your customers and make them feel welcome. One great technique is to ask if they have been to the restaurant before. This gives the server an opportunity to tell your story and set expectations for the dining experience.
  2. Be prepared, understand the menu and specials. Customers will most likely have questions about items on the menu. Does the staff know the answers? Can they find our easily? If your staff is not aware, what message does this send to your customers who have many restaurant choices to choose from. One area of importance may be in the understanding of your beer and wine list.
  3. Make your customers aware of special appetizers or deserts that may be on your menu. Appetizers fr the table or a desert to take home maybe just the opportunity to increase your check averages during this holiday season.
  4. Loyalty, Email or Gift Card programs. Each of these programs are great tools to increase sales now…. and in the future. Your team is in place to help you increase sales by growing your loyalty or email database. Gift card promotions are another way to help get the next year off to a great start.
  5. Increase your catering and takeout sales. Your staff touches every table in your restaurant. If they have done a great job, they are also in the position to grow your business for catering and future takeout orders. These kinds of sales are often higher ticket and placed in advance for easier preparation and profits. If you have printed takeout or catering menus, have your staff offer one when they are closing out the check. These two items are among the fastest growing trends in the industry. Make sure you are playing in the game.

In general, productive servers can increase your check averages by 10%. To learn more about server productivity, please request our free eBook and get greater detail.

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