“Back to School” Impacts On Restaurants

How to Grow Your Sales During This Season.

The back-to-school season can have a significant impact on restaurants, both positively and negatively. Here are some ways in which the back-to-school season can influence restaurants:

Positive Impact:

  1. Lunch Business: Restaurants located near schools, colleges, and universities often experience increased lunchtime business as students and faculty return to their educational institutions. These individuals may be looking for convenient and quick dining options between classes.
  2. Takeout and Delivery: With busy schedules, students and parents may opt for takeout or delivery options more frequently during the back-to-school season. This can benefit restaurants that offer these services.
  3. Increased Traffic: Some restaurants may see increased foot traffic from families and students who are dining out before or after school hours.
  4. Parent’s Night Off: As parents adjust to the back-to-school routine, they might seek a break from cooking and choose to dine out with their families.
  5. Special Offers and Promotions: Restaurants can capitalize on the back-to-school season by offering promotions targeted at students and families, such as discounts on kids’ meals or family meal deals.

Negative Impact:

  1. Weekday Slump: While lunchtime business might increase, weekday dinners could see a slowdown as families focus on homework, extracurricular activities, and early bedtimes.
  2. Budget Constraints: Families often spend more on school-related expenses during this time, which might lead to tighter budgets for dining out.
  3. Reduced Evening Business: The back-to-school season can lead to a shift in dining patterns, with families opting for quick and easy meals at home rather than dining out.
  4. Staffing Challenges: Restaurants that rely on student employees might experience staffing challenges as these employees return to school and are no longer available for regular shifts.
  5. Changed Demographics: If a restaurant is located in a college town, the influx of students might change the usual customer demographics, impacting the restaurant’s atmosphere and overall sales.

Overall, the impact of the back-to-school season on restaurants can vary widely based on the restaurant’s location, target audience, and the local educational landscape. Restaurants that can adapt their menus, services, and marketing strategies to cater to the changing needs of students, families, and faculty during this time may be better positioned to weather these shifts and even capitalize on new opportunities.

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