Resolve To Be Better

Resolve To Be Better

Happy New Year!

2013 is upon us and many of us have taken stock of the past year and are setting plans to make 2013 a better year for our restaurants. Sounds like a tall order, but much like anything you need to break it down to manageable chunks. Here are three steps to enhance your restaurant marketing.

Improve your restaurants performance.

Your restaurant menu is the first place to look at for profitability improvement. Every customer that comes through your door looks at this to make a decision. Does your menu have the right items at the right price? Food commodity costs have been rising, when is the last time your menu was updated. Proper pricing along with design tactics can significantly improve your profitability.

Customers are the mainstay of any successful restaurant, do you have a way of communicating with customers when they are not at your restaurant.  Customer loyalty programs can be a great tool to communicate with your customers as well as rewarding them for choosing your restaurant. Many programs come with email marketing and text messaging to help facilitate communications with your loyal customers.

Now that you have driven traffic to the restaurant, are your servers prepared to be your brand ambassador? They can make or break any restaurant and should be trained to present your restaurant in a way to generate referrals and positive reviews.

Three steps to improve your restaurant marketing for 2013. Will you resolve to be better?


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