Does Social Media Marketing Work For Restaurants?

Let’s face it, Facebook is by far the largest social media network out there. Most of us have used it to keep up with friends and family or even community events. For restaurants, Facebook is an opportunity to build your own community of friends and followers.  

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Lately, many restaurants have commented that Facebook is just not producing the results that it used to for their restaurants. The reach is down, the engagement is off, and it certainly is not bringing traffic in like it previously did.

The reality is Facebook has changed. When Facebook became a public company, they had to answer to Wall Street and shareholders with profits. This was also compounded by the growth of Facebook and how much bandwidth they had in their platform. They had to reduce reach to accommodate growth and at the same time, make a profit. This started the changes in their algorithms to where they are today. Some have said that a normal Facebook post may only reach ten percent of your audience now if it is not advertised.

What Works Today for Restaurant Marketing?

Technology has changed restaurant marketing forever. Tools such as online ordering, mobile apps, landing pages, social media targeting tools, 3rd party delivery services, direct mail, chat bots and WIFI marketing have led to this change. The future will still hold even more changes. Is there a common denominator between all these marketing tools that can be used to your advantage? Fortunately, there is with email marketing. Each of these tools can collect email address of your customers or guest. While all guest may not use Facebook daily or other marketing tools, most people do check their email daily. Studies have shown that consumers will read and respond to emails that come from trusted sources or emails that have something to offer. Statistics have shown that when an email is sent out, on average ten percent of those people will walk in your restaurant within thirty days. It stands to reason, the larger your database the better the ROI from email marketing. The key is to create monthly or quarterly integrated marketing campaigns that drive results. To learn how this could work for you, you can download our eBook on Integrated Marketing, or have it sent to you by texting RESTAURANTMARKETING to 44222.

At CORE Restaurant Marketing, we have helped many restaurants design and execute business strategies that achieve positive results. Our mission is simple, how can we help restaurants succeed. The services we offer and the experts we utilize have generated proven results for restaurants of all types. Contact us at for more information or schedule a time to speak with one of our restaurant marketing coaches.

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