The Restaurant Comeback – A Year from Today

Close your eyes and imagine. What will your restaurant world look like a year from today? You made it through COVID -19 and through the summer. Each day was a new challenge, but the fall and holiday season came upon us. The new normal had sunk in and changed your world. The first quarter, always difficult but even more so this year. Sleepless nights, that churning stomach, you’ve had that feeling before.

Open your eyes and think, does it have to be this way? What if you had done things differently? Was your goal to survive or to thrive? Were you happy to make it or did you reach your potential?

Discover Your Restaurant Potential

What have we learned that we should act on now? This past week I have seen the tale of two restaurants. Many restaurants are happy to get by day by day with the volume coming back a bit but nowhere near where it was. Other restaurants are contacting me with ideas for things to change and improve. What group are you in?

Like a walk in the woods there are many guidepost on the trail. Many restaurants are doing OK because they had the tools in place to survive such as online ordering and email marketing. No matter what category you are in you can learn from these restaurants. We also know that consumer trends are part of that guidepost. Technology has changed consumer behavior but did your restaurant change the way you use technology? Other restaurants did well because they were part of the fabric of their community. The community supported them in a time of need.

Understanding data from consumer behavior and your POS system can lead you to a profitable future but the key is to act now, not next January when you will be struggling. Plan to meet your restaurant potential by taking action now. With the industry in turmoil there are so many people who will help you succeed. We are truly all in this together.

At CORE Restaurant Marketing, we have helped many restaurants design and execute business strategies that achieve positive results. Our mission is simple, how can we help restaurants succeed. The services we offer and the experts we utilize have generated proven results for restaurants of all types. Contact us at for more information or to schedule a time to speak with one of our restaurant marketing coaches.

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