What Does Brand Reputation Mean?

Recently I came across a study that was done by Deloitte consulting on loyalty within the restaurant industry.  It is a very good analysis of loyalty in the industry, but another fact caught my attention.

The study looked at driving factors of why consumers go to restaurants. There are many factors that drive our decisions with Restaurant Marketinglocation being at the top of the list. When you dig down through the information you quickly realize that several factors make up the term “Brand Reputation”. Below is a quick listing of some of the terms that are affiliated with Brand Reputation and how often consumers utilize them in their decision process to visit a restaurant.

  • Brand Reputation – 49%
  • Value for Money – 48%
  • Family / Friends Referral – 32%
  • Group consensus – 22%
  • Third Party Reviews – 11%
  • Social Media – 5%

I found this data to be interesting from the fact that the basics of the business, food quality, great service and a good value continue to be the key drivers of why consumers choose a restaurant. The latest technology trends while they have impact on our decisions are not the reason we choose a restaurant.

What is your restaurant’s brand reputation? How do you know what your current and potential customers think? Why do customers choose to visit your restaurant?  Do you know who your customer’s are? How do you create a more favorable brand reputation?

At CORE Restaurant Marketing, we work with our customers to identify these factors and take steps to establish a baseline and set goals for improvement.  To learn more about your restaurant’s brand reputation, please contact us for a free consultation to help you set a plan to improve your reputation.

Link to Deloitte Study

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